Why Choose a Pediatric Dentist?

Does Your Child Really Need a Pediatric Dentist Specialist?

Photo of a happy childrenIf you are looking for the best dental care for your infant, toddler, child, or teen, the answer is “Yes!”

Pediatric dentists are required to take additional training in order to specialize in children’s dentistry. The extensive training received by our pediatric dentists arms us with the knowledge, skills, and experience to provide a positive dental experience and makes us experts for educating children on the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene- starting with baby teeth.

With advanced training in child psychology, growth and development, behavior management, interceptive orthodontics, sedation, special needs patients, and have the skills to alleviate anxiety and build trust with children- attributes you may not find in a general dentist.

Pediatric dentists go through both regular dental training and an additional two to three years of education specializing in pediatric dental health and how the mouth and teeth change as children grow. By only treating children, they are more familiar with child specific issues such as adverse reactions in the dental chair and whether an anomaly in a child's mouth is really something to worry about. Our pediatric dentists can see children from infancy through the teen years and can work extremely well with special needs children.

Taking your children to a pediatric dentist, rather than a general dentist, is best if you want the most comprehensive dental treatment for your children.

Pediatric Dentists Are Especially Needed When:

  • Your child has special medical needs that can or are affecting his or her oral heath
  • Your child has cavities in adult teeth that are forming under the gum
  • Your child’s baby teeth are not coming in
  • Your child’s baby teeth are not falling out at the expected time
  • Unwanted oral habits are affecting tooth alignment
  • Baby teeth first erupt


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Our pediatric dentists monitor the development of your child’s teeth and jaw, and watch closely to identify potential issues. They can spot irregularities or issues with crowding while teeth are below the gum line, that might require the help of an orthodontist. Our tools and equipment are smaller, making it easier for your child to undergo preventative treatments like x-rays. Our office staff is especially aware of how scary a visit to the dentist can seem, and they take great measures to always make it the best experience for you and your little one.

If you want your children to see a recommended children's dentist, contact Southfield Kid’s Dentist. We look forward to helping you secure a bright healthy smile for your children!